Hamgam has received ISO9000 standard certification for its products.

Standard Certificates

Specialized human resources have led to the formation of one of the most extensive production and distribution networks of propylene pipe in the country.

Specialist force

Hamgam Company started its activity in 1997 in the field of production of propylene pipes and fittings.

More than two decades of effort

Monolayers products
Polycarbonate Products
Green Tube Manufacturing Company HAMGAM( Private Limited) Since 1997 has been the second largest producer of polypropylene pipes and fittings in three colors (green, blue, white) and with more than 137 types of products (sizes 20 to 75 ml). It has started in Iran. The company manufactures all types of polymer and polypropylene fittings used in urban, industrial water supply networks, central heating installations, chemical, acid, compressed air and air supply.

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Always strives to improve its business by using new customer relationship management systems and measuring customer satisfaction levels, and using its extensive sales network with nationwide sales agents to make its products readily available. Make your customers

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