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manufacturing hamgam grin pipeThe second producer of polypropylene pipes and fittings

Company Resume
Hamgam Green pipe to eliminate needs for respectable specialists and executives building facilities to produce more than 137 kinds of products made of polypropylene (from size20 to75mm),it has one of the widest rang of products polypropylene pipes pipes and fitting to the our customers.

This company is considering the use of raw materials and the use of trined specialists
With a quiet area and Modern laboratory has tried to provide customer needs in high level quality.All certificates and documents has issued confirming the high quality of the products.Evidence from the standard and test steel sepahan-Health certificate from the ministry of Health-certificate of Housing and urbanization-Medical Education–certificate in accordance with DIN German numbers 8077 and 8078 standard and insurance valid for ten years as an active member of Iran,s Green pipe manufacturers Association.

Addition to advantages such as easy installation –no corrosion and deposition-
A beautiful appearance and… other advantages are as follows: Homogeneous material,the weld is uniform and reliable single and homogeneous layers make sure it is very high in engineering and executive skilled utilities to use this product in a particular installation over and under the wall.

Due to the steady expansion coefficient of polymer pipes can be used in long –term peace of mind. A type of material used in the construction of the Apadana pipes for that reason it is low pressure and does not damage to power engine house life – there is no low pressure in corners and angles due to using polymeric fittings,which can be seen below to the other pipes.

Certifications and Standards